ChicXpress is a Multi fusion fast food franchise of Coolex since 1975. It is backed by a team of professionals, with an experience and expertise of 39 years in food concepts franchising. Its parent company has its franchises all over in India and in 60+ countries. The team consists of food technologists and management professionals who are responsible for the successful franchising. Our team continuously works on creating new recipes with fine ingredients to obtain best taste. Because tasty food is the secret of success to any food franchise and we put our best endeavours for it which is reflected in our franchising system.

ChicXpress is one of the most innovative concepts launched by Coolex for investors who want to go for trendy food franchises. Coolex is having different kinds of innovative food concepts with it since 1975, with a customer base all over India and in 60+ countries. Our strength is continuous R&D on different food recipes and strong technical knowledge in food equipment which keeps us going since these many long years.

Coolex team is headed by an incredible person Mr.P.Radha Krishna who is an engineer and food technologist with an experience and expertise of 40 years in developing new recipes and introducing new food equipments. Coolex team works with his inspiration and guidance to serve individuals and companies across the world who want have a successful establishment in food industry.

Mr. P. Sandesh is the Managing Director of the company. He is a dynamic person with vast knowledge in upcoming food trends across the world and expertise to deal with international food franchising. He is a mechanical engineer and in research and development of food equipments and food concepts. His innovations in food machinery are patented and appreciated by our customers for their user friendly mechanism. Apart from these, he is national level chess player.

Mrs. P. Bramaramba is the Executive director of the company. She is Masters Degree holder in Management from the Indian School of Business and served in many responsible positions like Vice-president for Small Scale Industries, Founder President of Women Entrepreneurs Association etc. Her contribution to the growth of the company is valuable through advises and guidance on different management aspects.

Mrs. P. Srivani is one of the directors of the company. She is an electronic engineer and looks into the administrative and management operations of the company.