Folks Indulge in their favourite games while tucking into tasty delights
We encourage customers to spend lot of time with us playing & enjoying games.
Our outlets have great collection of games
Eat, Play & Enjoy
3D Loyalty Program
The X Card ! Do you have one?
We have lot of benefits for you with our 3D loyalty card. You might have seen many loyalty cards, but 3D loyalty card is the first of its kind in India and customers would love to own one with them. Surely, the benefits in this loyalty program keep customers visiting the store. Our loyalty programs are interlinked with facebook and other social media for customers to connect with us.

Customer behaviour is influenced by the music in the restaurant. The amount time spent would vary according the kind of music played. So we take special care on song management.

We have attractive packages for our food stuff and we have different promotional items at our store for you. We have attractive gifts for kids, free balloons, masks etc. Our promotional items include packing material with the branding, badges, uniform with the branding, gifts, gaming paper mats, balloons etc.