Steamer showcase    
Size :  460*390*760mm
Power supply :  220V /50Hz
Power :  930W
Color :  Silver
Materials :  Stainless steel
More details about Steamer Showcase :

1. The top three sides light box design, beautiful and clean even stimulate the appetite;

2. Cabinet body glass top on three sides by wide-angle design with a full display;

3. Efficient heating equipment, reliable performance, heating speed, ensure food freshness

Product Feature :
  • The machine can be connected to household water, with automatic watering function.
  • The interior of the machine with water protection device, which can effectively prevent the dry burning heating tube, increase the service life of the heating pipe.
  • Heat pipe using aluminum casting, effectively prevent scale attached to surface of the heating pipe thuseffect of heating efficiency.
  • Four hole plate no automatic switching device, when picked up the steamer will automatically close the lid, high efficiency, easy to use.