Outdoor Closed Kiosk

This kiosk can be used for food concepts grocery shops, temporary exhibition, books shops, gift shops, and more...!
We make the branding and the interior as for the customer choice.
select the food machines we can customized those machines in side the kiosk.
Features :
Specification: 2050mm X 1550mm X 2050mm (long),
Weight: 150kg
body double FRP, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, temperature, the characteristics of fire.
Backboard USES double color steel with isolation temperature layers; Bottom motorcycle tyre and high-speed bearing wican support interior load of 800 kilograms.

We can combine the following products in an single kiosk as per your requirements.
we also manfacture kiosk as per your drawing and blue prints
( The prices below are Approximate to give an idea )

1. Fryers ( burger bases,french fries,spring rolls,samosas,chicken etc ) Rs 6500/-
2.Pan griddles(Frankies,dosa,burger buns,eggs concepts and alike) 13000/-
3.Hot dog rollers 14500/-
4. Sweet corn steamers ( momo steamers also) 13000/-
5. Popcorn machine 12500/-
6. Candy floss 18000/-
7. Chocolate Fountain 32000/-
8. Juice dispenser 28000/-
9. Softy ice cream 93000/-
10. ice gola 8500/-
11. sugarcane 46500/-
12. coconut 35000/-
13. orange juicer 65000/-
14. waffle maker 9500/-
15 stick cake machine 16000/-
16. pizza oven
17. sandwitch griller and more...
Approximate costing for the combination kiosk with following features to give you an idea of costing :
simple kiosks made of GI painted body with steel frame work
cash box,storage area,High end graphics with lighting,canopee, 6”inch wheels,
switch boards
Running feet Rs7000/-(The price varies depending on styles)
4ft lenght kiosk 28000 (4ftx2.5ft,Lx B) ( breath can be even 3ft )
5ft lenght kiosk 35000 (5ftx2.5ft,Lx B)
6ft lenght kiosk 42000 (6ftx2.5ft,Lx B)
7ft lenght kiosk 49000 (7ftx2.5ft,Lx B)
8ft lenght kiosk 56000 (8ftx2.5ft,Lx B)
9ft lenght kiosk 63000 (9ftx2.5ft,Lx B)